David Carr
Es catedrático de Filosofía de la Educación en la Universidad de Edimburgo.
Su obra Making Sense of Education, (London: Routledge. 2003) ha sido traducido al español por Marc Jiménez Buzzi e Ignacio Romero como "El sentido de la educación". (Graó 2005)
Es también autor de Professionalism and Ethical Issues in Teaching (London: Routledge. 2000) y Virtue Ethics and Moral Education (London: Routledge. 1999)

Authored Books

Carr, D., 2003
Making Sense of Education: An Introduction to the Philosophy and Theory of Education and Teaching
London: Routledge.

Chapters in books

Carr, D., 2005
Mary Wilson Warnock
in Dictionary of Twentieth-Century British Philosophers, Ed. Brown, Stuart, London and New York: Thoemmes Press.

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in Key Questions for Educators, Ed. Hare, W. & Portelli, J. P., Halifax, Nova Scotia: Edphil Books.

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Rival conceptions of practice and teaching
in Major Themes in Education: Teacher Education, Ed. Whitehead, M. & Hartley, D., Routledge/TaylorFrancis.

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Is teaching a skill?
in Motivating Science: Science Communication from a Phiosophical, Educational and Cultural Perspective, Ed. Sanitt, N., pp. 163-173, Luton: The Pataneto Press.

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Virtue Ethics and the Influence of Aristotle
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Carr, D., 2005
Philosophy and the Idea of a Christian University
in The Idea of a Christian University, Ed. Walker, A., pp. 200-217.

Carr, D., 2005
in Sex from Plato to Paglia: A Philosophical Encyclopedia, Ed. Soble, Alan, Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press.

Carr, D., 2004
Liberal tolerance and traditional wisdom in sex education
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Carr, D., 2004
Auden's great healers: Blake, Lane and Lawrence on human nature, society and education
in Philosophy and it's Pulbic Role: Essays in Ethics, Politics, Society and Culture, pp. 53-68, Exeter: Imprint Academic.

Carr, D., 2004
Problems of values education
in Values, Education and the Human World: Essays on Education, Culture, Politics, Religion and Science (The Victor Cook Lectures). St Andrews's Studies in Philosophy and Public Affairs, pp. 14-30, Exeter: Imprint Academy.

Carr, D., 2003
Three concepts of spirituality for spiritual education
in Philosophy, Spirituality and Education, Ed. Carr, David & Haldane, John, London: Routledge.

Carr, D., 2002
Personal and moral selfhood
in Personal and Moral Identity, Ed. Musschenga, A.W., van Haaften, W., Spiecker, B., Slors, M., pp. 97-106, Dordrecht: Kluwer.

Edited Books

Ed. Carr, D., 2003
Philosophy, Spirituality and Education
London: Routledge.

Journal articles

Carr, D. and Davis, Robert, 2007
The Lure of Evil: exploring the dark side of literature and the arts
Journal of Philosophy of Education, Vol. 41(1), pp. 1-18.

Carr, D., 2007
Towards an Educationally Meaningful Curriculum: epistemic holism and knowledge integration re-visited
British Journal of Educational Studies, Vol. 55(1), pp. 3-20.

Carr, D., 2006
The significance of music for the cultivation of moral and spiritual virtue
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Carr, D., 2006
Professional and personal values and virtues in education and teaching
Oxford Review of Education, Vol. 32(2), pp. 171-183.

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In search of excellence: Towards a philosophically coherent twenty-first century Scottish curriculum
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Carr, D., 2006
Moral education at the Movies: on the cinematic treatment of morally significant story and narrative
Journal of Moral Education, Vol. 35(3), pp. 319-334.

Carr, D., 2006
The moral roots of citizenship: towards a virtue ethical reconciliation of principle and character in education for effective citizenship
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Philosophical issues in spiritual education and development
The Handbook of Spiritual Development in Childhood and Adolescence, Ed. Roehlkepartain, E. C., King, P. E., Wagener, L. & Benson, P. L.

Carr, D., 2005
On Feeling and Emotion in Religious Experience and Understanding
Journal of Beliefs and Values, Vol. 26.

Carr, D., 2005
Education, Values and Concepts of Citizenship
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On the contribution of literature and the arts to the educational cultivation of moral virtue, feeling and emotion
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Personal and interpersonal relationships in education and teaching: a virtue ethical perspective
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Carr, D., 2004
Reason, meaning and truth in religious narrative: towards an epistemic rationale for religious and faith school education
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Carr, D., 2004
Moral values and the arts in environmental education: towards an ethics of aesthetic appreciation
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Moral development: a reply to Richmond and Cummings
Journal of Moral Education.

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On the grammar of religious discourse and education
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Taking narrative seriously: exploring the educational status of story and myth
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Music, meaning and emotion
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Rival conceptions of practice in education and teaching
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Character and moral choice in the cultivation of virtue
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Philosophy and the meaning of 'education'
Theory and Research in Education, Vol. 2, pp. 195-212.

Carr, D., 2003
Diverse Senses of Practice in Education and Teaching
Journal of Philosophy of Education.

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The moral educational implications of rival conceptions of education and teaching
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Spiritual, moral and heroic virtue: Aristotelian character in the Arthurian and Grail narratives
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Feelings in moral conflict and the hazards of emotional intelligence
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Metaphysics, reductivism and spiritual discourse
Zygon, Vol. 37, 2, pp. 491-509.

Carr, D., 2002
Moral education and the perils of developmentalism
Journal of Moral Education, Vol. 30, pp. 5-19.

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